School Survival


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School Survival provides you with a complete guide to the main topics in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. With more than 40 cards and an user-friendly interface, School Survival is the perfect tool for every situation: students can use it for a quick review before a test or to increase their productivity, while ex-students can brush up on their knowledge and access several quick-reference tables. School Survival currently supports all screen resolutions, although high-density screens are recommended for better performances.
For any screen size, 5 zoom levels are provided: Overview, 80%, 100%, 120% and 150%.
This version of School Survival features the following topics:

Math: Monomials and Polynomials, Linear Equations, 2nd-degree equations, 2D Geometry, 3D Geometry, Combinatorics, Trigonometry, Calculus (Limits, Derivatives, Integrals).

Physics: Errors, Linear-Accelerated-Parabolic Motion, Springs, Work and Energy, Newton's Laws, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Maxwell's Equations (Electricity and Magnetism).

Chemistry: Atom and Radioactive Decays, Ideal Gas Laws, Polyatomic Elements, Mole Conversions, Phase Transitions, Classification of Matter.

Geography: States and Capitals of Europe, Asia, Africa, North/Central America + Caribbean, South America, Oceania, USA and Canada.
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