Internet Utilities

Sometimes, it can be useful to store web pages on your Mac. When you don't have much time to spend on the Internet, for example, saving the pages you need allows you to open them in your browser even if you are not connected to the Internet.

DesktopDownload is the fastest way to do this. Just type in the URL of the page you are looking for, select a file format and save the page wherever you like on your Mac.

With DesktopDownload you can create all kind of files, even though some are not recommended. We suggest using .txt (TextEdit should be able to display almost every content of the page), .doc (Microsoft Word) or similar, or .htm/.html, which will be opened by your web browser. You will probably feel more comfortable using the .htm/.html format.

Nevertheless, should you need to save a web page as a PDF (but be aware that this will only work if the URL you have provided refers to a PDF file), you can simply type "pdf" in the extension box.

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