After months spent working hard to improve CleanUp, BlacksSoftware is proud to present the brand new version of CleanUp.

Version 1.0 is not a simple update of our best known application. In fact, we have decided to throw CleanUp 0.2 into the recycling bin and rewrite it from the beginning, using new graphics, new modules and new algorithms. Apart from the friendly CleanBots, the old version and the new one are completely different from each other.

CleanUp 1.0 isn't the simple Desktop & Folder Cleaner version 0.2 used to be. It's a new application engineered to help you in many different tasks and to give you the best Mac user experience. That's why it's made up of 10 independent, useful and handy tools.

Also, we have added almost 70 new file extensions, to include many more files in CleanUp operations. Now every user of CleanUp can experience a tidy desktop.

 Control Panel

The Control Panel lets you monitor CleanUp activity and start new tools from a small window. It also displays warnings if something goes wrong, using a simple but smart system of annunciator lights (Master Caution yellow light and Master Warning red light) and text messages.

The Control Panel should always be visible when using CleanUp. However, every tool can display the Control Panel if attention of the user is necessary.

Mega Cleaner 

The evolution of CleanUp 0.2 is the Mega Cleaner, rewritten with a new, more efficient algorithm and a brand new extendible database of 170 file types.

Mega Cleaner is still able to group files having the same extension, but two new functions were implemented:

1. Mega Mode: Groups all files and folders in a superfolder, regardless of name and extension.

2. Name Mode: Gathers in the same folder documents and folders having the same initial. This way, you can rapidly find an item whose name is known.


The friendly Bots that first appeared in version 0.2 made it to the release of CleanUp 1.0, although with some minor improvements.

The TimeTraveller has been replaced with a new tool, therefore the only two bots available are the NameBot anf the KindBot. You can easily swap between these two Bots and activate them without opening other windows.


Subgroups lets you group into a new folder selected items in Finder. Simply choose which files you want to group, type a name for your new folder and press Apply: CleanUp will instantly create your new directory containing the files you want to move.

Note: Subgroups is designed to work on files only, not on folders.

Folder Partition 

Folder Partition is a new tool introduced in version 1.0.

It allows the user to rapidly split a folder into two subdirectories by choosing the destination of each item contained in the Superfolder.

Of course, files and folders can be left exactly where they are, for a fully customizable user experience.

This is especially useful when you have to split files into two categories, such as "To do" and "Done" or "Keep - Useful" and "Delete - Useless".


If you need to rapidly hide every item on your Desktop - for example, if you are preparing a presentation - DisAppear is the tool for you.

This CleanUp module seamlessly groups everything on your Desktop into a new hidden folder. When you decide to get that folder back, a simple click makes it visible again.

Note that you can also quit CleanUp without restoring hidden files; CleanUp will always find the hidden folder containing your Desktop files.

Second Desktop 

Second Desktop creates a new layer between your Desktop and every other open app.

This layer is painted with your Desktop background image, and therefore acts as a new desktop, without icons of files, folders or volumes.

Second Desktop can be easily closed just like any other window.


SInce the TimeTraveller is gone forever, a new tool has been developed to let you restore your Desktop and folders to their original state.

This tool is called Restore, and it offers a new interesting feature: a preview.

Restore works with the usual CleanUp Backup files (.cub, also from previous versions); when you drag one of these files into Restore, it displays the current location of each file that is to be moved and the path to which it will be moved.

This way, you always know what you're about to do.

Password Protect 

If you don't want other users to know what you were doing during your CleanUp session, you can lock CleanUp with a custom password.

Once CleanUp is locked, it can be unlocked with the password or it can be quit. Since quitting CleanUp clears all data, nobody can see what you were doing before you locked it.

Group Color 

Tired of the Finder Labels? These are quite good, but they aren't visible in stacks Grid View, and they're often difficult to notice.

CleanUp solves this problem by changing the whole icon of the selected file(s) and folder(s). Thanks to the built-in icons, you can now change the default folder icon with multicolor folder icons: green, yellow, red, blue, purple and orange folders will appear in your Finder window with a simple click.

Of course this applies to files as well; also, you can pick your own icon and apply it to your files and folders. Simply copy and paste an image file into Group Color image space, or drag & drop it.

NOTE: To use Group Color built-in icons, select the icon you want to use, copy it (Command-C), then select Group Color image space and paste your icon (Command-V).

CleanUp 1.0 is now completely FREE. You will find it at the CleanUp Download page, accessible from the link below.

Go to CleanUp Download Page

Before you download...

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