Robo-Ribosome is a small application that converts a m-RNA sequence into a series of amino acids. It can print the results on the screen, or save them to a file on your computer, so you can print them later.

Robo-Ribosome accepts input from a file or directly from the program textbox (so you can type in a random sequence of characters and see what happens). The interface is extremely easy, so everyone can use Robo-Ribosome, from students to scientists.

Remember to use only four letters when typing a m-RNA sequence: A, U, C, G. Also, you should begin with the START sequence AUG and end with a STOP sequence (either UAA, UGA or UAG.
Robo-Ribosome will automatically check for these codons and print a warning message if one or more of them are not found. Remember that everything that comes before the START sequence or after the STOP sequence will be ignored.

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