MathTools English Version

 MathTools English Version

Simply better. And International.

With MathTools, you can work with numbers in a way you've never experienced before. Use it as a basic or scientific calculator, or transform it into an amazing lab for your experiments with numbers. Analyze values, create and modify sets and subsets, work with monomials, polinomials, logic or proportions.

Each tool is a different mini-app. Experience the power of MathTools, and discover a new way to study maths.

The power of 7

With 7 different tools, you can use MathTools for almost everything: basic operations, set theory and logic are just a few examples of the capabilities of this software.

QuickCommand. More power, less time wasted.

The functionality QuickCommand allows you to write commands in a window, making you open and close windows without selecting items from the menu. Perfect for those who write quickly.

SmartChange: probably the smartest thing you can find in an app.

With SmartChange, you can insert advanced operations directly into the fields, saving a lot of time and work. For example, if you write sin30 (sine of 30 degrees) and convert with SmartChange, it will automatically become 0.5

Plus, MathTools is completely free. What are you waiting for?

Minimum Requirements:

Mac OS X v. 10.5 or later

1MB of free space on Hard Disk
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