Black Physics English


The fastest and easiest way to process data and learn physics

After you have gathered data from your experiment, you always have to process them to get absolute and relative errors, average values and other boring things. Now, you can count on a personal assistant that will do all this job for you!

With BlackPhysics "Work with Errors" module, you can process data in a fast and accurate way, and save time and work. The graphic interface is compact, powerful yet easy to use.

BlackPhysics has 6 modules that allow you to solve simple problems such as calculating static and kinetic friction, moments, fluid pressure and, thanks to the powerful "Vectors & Forces" module, you can add up to 10 forces and get the resulting vector (with details about x and y components) with a click.

Download BlackPhysics now, and start a new experience in physics world!

Download BlackPhysics 0.1

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